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Bone-eroding danger

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Wimpy, pathetic, humble, pathetic.. When will this word be used on this woman! Kneel? Kneel! ***ing kneel! "Is your knee really so worthless?" Ha, ha.. Ha ha ha! Jane Tong opened her eyes wide, she did not dare to blink, for fear of blinking, sour eyes, will shed tears. She is afraid of being beaten. Not afraid of pain, but afraid of being beaten, the sound of the collapse of self-esteem in the heart! Shen Xiujin, do you know, in that prison, I dare not shed tears, every time I shed tears, I must be beaten up. Do you know that Jane Tong is no longer Jane Tong. Do you know, when I was tied to the toilet to sleep and all the people were laughing at me, once I thought that I was not a person, but an animal, a dog! It's a pig! "I ask you for the last time, Jane Tong,outdoor whirlpool tub, do you really want dignity?" The man is cold, he is always invisible, and no one can pry into his mind. Who could see the anger and pain buried under the cold voice, even he himself was not aware of it. Jane Tong's hands on the ground were trembling. He hung his head and stared at the ground in front of him. Dignity, what is dignity? Three years in prison is long gone. The eyes are sour and uncomfortable, the ear is that girl, her name is a Lu, she said: "Little Tong Jie,China spa factory, you cry, I see you like this, I feel uncomfortable.". I'll hold the door for you so they don't see it. Have a good cry. Then she cried. And then, the girl, a Lu, she was involved by herself, and she was beaten with herself. Shen Xiujin, I don't even have the right to cry. When you say dignity, what is that? "Jane Tong is no longer Jane Tong." The woman's rough voice said to Shen Xiujin. At this moment, Shen Xiujin, such an invisible person, also opened his eyes wide at the moment, his eyes were looking at the woman on the ground in disbelief! She just.. It came out like this! She just.. So admit it! Atmosphere, suddenly quiet. In the bedroom, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,jacuzzi manufacturers, there was a strange and strange airflow. Suddenly! The man's thin lips slowly pulled out a smile, "since Miss Jane said this personally, Shen is not good to live up to Miss Jane's wish, in the future, please Miss Jane in the East Emperor, 'work hard'." Jian Tong smiled sadly in silence. Eyes down, the fundus of grief, can not let people see. Shen Xiujin, why? Aren't you the one who turned me into this? Broken body, broken soul.. What on earth have you left for me? Let me maintain that once proud heart? Why? And act like you don't know anything. Don't you know that you gave orders to make me what I am now? How can I still be the same as Jane Tong three years ago? That proud and confident look! "Thank you, Mr. Shen." Her pink lips were pale and cracked, and it hurt to move. This sentence, however, easily irritates men. Fuck off "Yes." "I told you to get out!" Shen Xiujin looked at the woman coldly, and the latter, very obedient and even without a trace of dissatisfaction and hesitation, really, so curled up on the ground into a ball: "Yes, Shen Zong." So obedient. Why are you so annoying! So shameless and skinless. Why is it so unpleasant! So. Shen Xiujin suddenly lifted his feet and walked a few steps to the front of the "ball". With his long arm stretched out, he carried the collar of the "ball" and walked quickly to the elevator entrance. He threw the "ball in:" Roll down! Don't get in my way again! The elevator goes straight down. When the door opened, Su Meng hurried over. "Are you all right?" She heard that General Manager Shen took him away. Lu Chen never likes to meddle in other people's affairs. Su Meng looked Jane Tong up and down again, if said Jane Tong has the angel appearance, the devil stature, charmed Lu Chen's eye, that also explained the past. But the woman in front of her. Su Meng shook his head. As soon as he grasped Jane Tong's arm, his eyes flashed with surprise. Suddenly, he looked up at Jane Tong's face in surprise: "Are you trembling?" I'm fine.
” “……” Su Meng secretly rolled his eyes, anyway, want to ask from the mouth of Jane Tong, it is difficult to reach the sky. Your temper is too stubborn. Jane Tong did not speak. Are you hungry? I'll take you to eat something and make up. I don't have to go to work today. Su Meng did not understand why he wanted to be so special to such a Jane child who had no appearance, no figure, and nothing. Actually She might know. Just don't want to admit it. It seems that if you are better to Jane Tong, you will be better to yourself in those years. No. The company has a canteen. "You.." This woman is so stubborn! Su Meng shook his head, and everyone said that this simple child was humble and had no ego. How can you not see the arrogance of this woman under the humble! "You must have been a confident man before." Inadvertently, Su Meng asked. Chien Tong trembled for a while, as if for a century, before slowly wriggling his lips: "Once upon a time.." It seems like a lifetime ago. "Wait a minute, this check is for you." Su Meng handed Jian Tong a check: "General Manager Lu asked me to give it to you." "So much?" Jane Tong was also startled when she saw the amount on the check. Su Meng smiled bitterly: "I was also shocked at that time.". Xiaotong, tell me, what did you do to General Manager Lu? You flattered him so comfortably and made him so generous. It's half a million directly! Such a big hand, in the East Emperor, is not without. It's just, Jane Tong..? Su Meng looked at Jane Tong again, not that she looked down on Jane Tong, but that the world of looking at faces now. Lu Chen is a talented person, outstanding and extraordinary. In this S city, he and Shen Xiujin are often the topic figures that are taken out. Sister Meng,Whirlpool bathtub, please help me deposit that bank card. Jian Tong returned the check to Su Meng: "Sister Meng, do you have a job?" "You!" Hey. Donghuang International, 28th floor.


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