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In addition to the 102nd Wing, which is responsible for attacking the South Korean fleet and seizing air supremacy, the other two wings will send more than 30 fighter planes to carry out the last round of high-intensity bombing of the South Korean troops near the airborne landing site before the airborne troops land. As the battle begins, the first Republic soldier is about to set foot on the ground of Jeju Island! Volume Seven Peninsula Gunpowder Smoke Chapter 121 Skua attack. When the J-15BA was lifted to the flight deck, the J-15BB fighters were taking off one after another. The J-15BB on escort duty took off first, and then the J-15BA on attack duty. The plane was towed behind the No.1 catapult, which was located on the port side of the aircraft carrier and at the front end of the landing area. Yue Tongsheng explained several necessary matters to the crew, gestured to the 23 pilots who were following behind, and took the lead in climbing onto the fighter plane. After the last three J-15BBs were ejected, the planes of Yue Tongsheng and two squadron leaders were pulled into the ejection point. The instrument, oxygen supply equipment, ejection seat, power system, communication equipment, navigation system, engine and ammunition were normal. Yue Tongsheng completed the inspection step by step and gave a thumbs-up to the ground guide standing on the right side of the fighter plane. Three ground crew members were responsible for checking the external equipment of the fighter plane, and everything was normal. The deflector behind the ejection point rises slowly, and the takeoff guide raises his right hand and stretches out five fingers. Yue Tongsheng took a deep breath, confirmed that the brake was closed, connected the engine power supply, and pushed the throttle to the minimum gear. Driven by the motor,indoor endless pool, the turbine engine starts smoothly. The fighter plane vibrated slightly, and then sent out a hot stream of air. The left screen showed the working status of the engine, and Yue Tongsheng slowly stepped on the throttle when he saw the guide holding out his finger. Although the electromagnetic catapult can accelerate the 28-ton fighter from rest to 145 knots in 0.2 seconds, the engine must reach the maximum thrust when the fighter takes off, so as to ensure that the fighter can leave the "dangerous area" in front of the carrier as soon as possible after the catapult, leaving room for the fighter behind. There was a deafening roar from the turbofan engine. In just 10 seconds, all the preparations were ready. With the takeoff guide swinging his arm forward, Yue Tongsheng released the brake, and the J-15BA fighter glided 110 meters on the deck alone under the pull of the electromagnetic catapult, with a speed of more than 160 knots. The moment it left the flight deck, whirlpool hot tub spa ,endless swimming pool, the fighter plane fell about 2 meters, then jumped up under the lift generated by the wings and jumped into the sky at an elevation of about 10 degrees. Three catapults work at the same time, ejecting fighters at a speed of six per minute. Unless they are suddenly attacked by the enemy and need to take off air defense fighters immediately. Otherwise, the carrier will not eject the fighter with maximum efficiency. O as to maximize the operational life of the catapult. Save the Navy money on upkeep. Yue Tongsheng's plane has not yet risen to a cruising altitude of 2500 meters. The 24 fighters of the three groups and the 12 fighters of the two groups all left the carrier. Sea Fortress to Skua. The sea fortress calls.. "Skua received!" Yue Tongsheng frowned. He never liked the code name "Skua.". Because skuas are not birds of prey. It's just a small sea bird that's good at stealing eggs and chicks. Heading 25. Height 5500. Prepare to follow the command of the Flying Fortress. "Understood.". Under the command of the Flying Fortress. Yue Tongsheng said as he spoke. He looked around. The other fighters were speeding up and following the lead aircraft in a diamond-shaped formation. Unlike Zhu Ronghui's previous J-15B, the J-15BA uses more automatic control equipment and does not have a navigator. Although the carrier-based air force has repeatedly responded to this problem, believing that the fighter planes carrying out the attack mission, at least some of the fighter planes, should be equipped with navigators, but after the study of Hainan Airlines, it is not necessary to add a second pilot to the fighter plane, and one pilot is enough to complete all the operations. Skua to Flying Fortress.. Flying Fortress Copy. Battlefield message transmitting. Change heading to 20.
” Yue Tongsheng glanced at the main screen in the center, saw the information displayed, and said: "We have received battlefield information and navigation instructions, heading 20, altitude 5500, and will lower the flight altitude in 15 minutes." "Exactly. Bon voyage." ***! Yue Tongsheng cursed in his heart, because pilots of carrier-based aircraft hate the word "Bon voyage". " Attention, all squadrons, follow the lead. Under the leadership of Yue Tongsheng, the fleet adjusted its course and headed for the Korean fleet. Compared with the air force and the shore-based air force, the command and control capability of the carrier-based early warning aircraft is much worse than that of the large early warning aircraft, so the tactics of the carrier-based air force are more concise. Most of the time, the early warning aircraft sends operational instructions and battlefield information to the fighter through the tactical data link, without the need for the guide to give orders by voice. The navigation system of carrier-based fighter aircraft is also more advanced, as long as the combat mission and target orientation are clear, even without the support of early warning aircraft, it can accurately fly to the target and launch an attack. After entering the scheduled route, Yue Tongsheng started the autopilot system. The autopilot system can rely on the route data provided by the early warning aircraft to control the course, speed and altitude of the fighter plane instead of the pilot, without the intervention of the pilot. Using the navigation information provided by the "Beidou" 3rd generation navigation satellite, the navigation accuracy of the autopilot system has reached one in ten thousand, that is, the deviation of flying 100 kilometers is only 10 meters. Even if the satellite navigation signal can not be received, the navigation accuracy can reach one thousandth by relying entirely on the inertial navigation system and using high-precision laser gyroscope, which is enough to meet the tactical requirements. The fleet will maintain radio silence throughout the flight to the target. As a pilot who participated in the East China Sea War and the South China Sea War,5 person hot tub, Yue Tongsheng is much more careful than those "rising stars". Every three minutes, Yue Tongsheng will check the status of the fighter plane to confirm that the navigation information received is correct and the navigation system is not out of order. Of course, he will also check the autopilot system.


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